Friday, July 2, 2004

Everything I Ever Learned I stole From Pie

Office Space Wars

I have to check the link and make sure it works, but this is very very funny, especially if you have seen Office Space too many times, as we obviously have, Pie obviously has, and the makers of this film really really have.

Liza and I went to the gym today and worked out for, count 'em, eighty minutes. That's right. She looked at me afterwards and laughed and said, "You're soaking wet." And so the torrential rains outside (oh thank you, no camping) didn't bother me too much.

I went and got new running shoes in a 9 1/2 today because the other ones where pinching me and giving me blisters. My shoes are so big that they make my calves look really skinny. Or maybe the exercise does that. I burned off almost 1000 calories today, and had salad for lunch and forgot breakfast, so guess who gets to have dessert with her dinner?

I called the children today and told them the dog's name was Goldie, and they were very happy. Tommy wanted to talk to her on the phone. Then he said, "Mommy, I can't remember what your house looks like," which just about broke my heart. They are coming home on Monday, and my parents are coming out later in the month for a visit. My mother keeps asking if the kids have grown-- well, I don't know, I see them all the time, but yes, they are children. I imagine they have.

The other day I asked Christian if he had lost another tooth. "No." Well, is your top tooth loose? "Probably." I could do an entire paper on the linguistic implications of that response. An expected child response would be, "I don't know," which would lead to further questions from me. But something about, "Probably," so unconcerned, so dismissive, "Yes, it's probably loose, but can we get back to the dog now?"

I love linguistics. Perhaps I have missed my calling. No, seriously, I missed my calling by not becoming a dermatologist... But a linguistics PhD, now that could be fun.

Hell, a linguistics MA could be fun. My prof didn't think I love it enough, but I sorta think I do. It fascinates me. I am always doing rhetorical or linguistical analyses on different texts, and I kid myself that I'm pretty good at it.

Tonight: dinner with Christine and her new honey pie, thanks to seeing her at the gym, and having her yell up to me from the volleyball court, "Are you and Dereck free for dinner?" We had been planning cornish hens for Shabbat, but had also considered going out for dinner, so pretty quickly I told her to call Dereck. We will have Shabbat before we go out.

Speaking of which, I need to shower and have Shabbat.

Shalom Shabbat.

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