Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sleepy Sunday

Yesterday morning at our backyard breakfast table, we laid out a veritable palette of possibilities:  go down to Columbia for a wire dog cage and to look at fax machines?  Go to Beach Ottumwa?  Go to a matinee?  Go to Macon for meat?  Go swim at the lake?


This morning there didn't seem to be as many possibilities, not having tomorrow to recover from them.  In fact, today seemed a perfect day to recover from yesterday.


I have indulged, today, in lying down about three times.  The last time is the only time I actually slept though, and woke to the sound of my cell phone buzzing next to the bed.  I thought it was some kind of alarm and Monday morning and the kids were going to be back soon and I was going to have to start getting ready for work, and I thought all of this in my groggy brain in a short enough time to realize it was the phone and see who was calling and decide to answer.


This morning, phone rang early (but not like the gadzillion calls yesterday a.m.) so we got up and started the day much earlier than my 2:30 a.m. sleepy time/ shut-down-the-bar-with-many-beers body would have liked.  We had coffee and french toast (made by Dereck with the challah) and then walked the dog long enough (she picked up her own leash to tell me she wanted to go!  We have been kennel training her in earnest this weekend) for her to be productive, and then came home and did enough yard work that our neighbors might come home from their vacation and wonder what new family has moved into our house.


I got some kind of rash/allergy all over from the yard work (not poison ivy, 'cause it's gone already), so I bathed and then lay down for the first time.  D continued the yard work-- how did I get so lucky? 


I got up, instant messaged for a bit, ran out to have a conversation I have been needing to have, felt a little better, came home, and lay down again because D was lying down (get your minds out of the gutter).


L reminded me that I have an additional deadline for her, and so I had better get cracking.  No doubt I was sleeping today to hide from deadlines and mountains of laundry.  Shortly, we will hie us to the grocery store and perhaps the video store, and then come home for dinner and grading (for him) and laundry and movies to carry us through the rest of the evening.

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