Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Oh My Heck.

You'll have to scroll down for my latest post.  I have no idea how they got out of order, but they did, and I don't know how to fix it.


Oh my headachness and weariness.


I went in for a conference call today, and then took the rest of the day and my blinding headache home for my furlough day-- more meetings tomorrow, and last minute preparations for St. Louis.  I need to make dinner reservations, etc. etc. must do that this afternoon.


Actually, I can do that while I type.  I am talented that way.


So, I found out that the speaker that I scheduled is coming during the week that I schedule my vacation also.  I had the wrong date stuck in my head.  So, I had to reschedule our cabin in Minnesota, but fortunately, they got us in the week before in the very same cabin.  So, things just worked out.


What else?  Tonight is Karoaoke at the Dukum, Alan-- come to that rather than Thursday night at Toons (blech!).  I am now on a bit of a mission to find you a laptop, but I was very serious when I said you can borrow mine, so after this weekend retreat, come and get it. 


We may take some of the Peeps out to see Don's kitten tonight before karaoke, and hopefully I won't be too tired or too headachey to go.


And later when the heat index has gone down a bit, we are probably going to the lake with Liza and kids, who are finally back from Minnesota.


I emailed the rabbi today to let him know that I'm still here, still interested.


In other news, some people's lives have been falling apart rapidly around me, the cause of my headache, but we have talked ad nauseum (quite literally) this morning, and my headache is receding, and we have chosen to agree to disagree.


Made dinner reservations at one restaurant, still hoping to hear from the Harvest.  Well done, Fulcrum Monkey!  Thank you!


Wow, golly, I wish I had something interesting to say, so I will just shut it and go finish reading Pie's very long post from yesterday...



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