Friday, July 9, 2004


So, on top of my crappy day, I also arrived an hour and 45 minutes early for baseball, so we came home for dinner.

Dereck is going to go play Nintendo with the boyz tonight, which I find unendingly amusing-- see where your PhD gets you? They are really turning out to be a nice group: frisbee, softball, Nintendo-- they are a fun group. So, my neighbor, who is intricately familiar with the players in my bad day called to see if I am interested in Margaritas tonight.

You betcha, as they say up in Minnesota.

She is coming over, and we're going to get a girly flick, but I anticipate a night on the porch spent talking, drinking, and smoking.

Then possibly Torah study tomorrow-- have to call Barbara about that.

I got feedback tonight from the chick I did consulting for this week: She said, "You were a substantial help," among other things. This is very nice, takes the raw edges off the day.

I felt like I was on top of my game while I was doing it, so it was, knock on wood, a very good experience.

I'm out until after Shabbat, so have a good one. We might go camping with the chirrens and the dog tomorrow night, so have a good weekend.

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