Friday, July 9, 2004

Bad Friday

I have to go work out in ten minutes, and I hope that helps.

I have yet to make challah. Caleb is still here from the slumber party and making Gatorade demands on me, while I'm blogging. Water is in the tap-- try it.

Shabbat just always seems kind of haphazard and slapped together. Freaking baseball-- we have a practice and a game today.

There are other things, other sources of frustration which I will not address here, but boy, let's just say that I am feeling very much today like the Universe is conspiring to make people as deliberately unpleasant to me as possible, beginning with those phone calls.

Other people strike me as deliberately troublesome-- I will have to have some emails in private with people and poll them for their opinions on some things, just to find out whether I am on crack or not-- and I was pulling out of our alley today and stopped to let a little chicky in a white convertible pass, and she did not take her mean, beady eyes off me, for having the audacity to make her have to move around me a bit. I just smiled at her the whole time like a cheshire cat.

And I made another passive/aggressive (okay, there was nothing passive about it) of grandiose niceness toward other people today, just because if I don't, I'll be a real bitch instead.

Sometimes situations call for grand gestures.

I remember once that there was a secretary in my ex's division who had a student worker whom the secretary treated like shit. In retaliation, the student held an elaborate party with signs, banners, and balloons, a "Secretary Appreciation Day." It was so over the top, a really elegant and eloquent fuck you.

That is the inspiration for the gesture I made today, which will, I am sure, be interpreted the way it is surfacely intended, which, apparently, is how the game is being played.

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