Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I am drinking lots of water today too and stayed up until about 1:30 a.m.(which is not uncommon for me)-- but I was drinking beer and

margaritas at karaoke and smoking entirely too much... So, today I am

a bit draggy as well. But that did not stop me from going to the gym

at 5:00... working late did...

I actually had a good time at karaoke last night, which is a bit

unusual for me, as I tend to have lingering feelings of guilt based on

the divorce, associated with being at the Dukum Inn. It's something I

work on, like feeling guilty about smoking... And today as I drove him, feeling pleasantly satisfied that a project is finished (at least the writing part of it), I realized that I probably feel vaguely guilty when I go out when I have unfinished work at work-- because part of me feels that as a salaried person, there is no excuse for not having finished it...

I know. It's sick.

Even though it was so dreadfully hot, we were using coasters as fans, the air-conditioned

bar was empty and the patio crowded with singers. That says something

about its appeal, now doesn't it? Dereck and I did Summer Nights, and

then he did Spill The Wine, and I did Piano Man.

I always have a cigarette in my hand when I do Piano Man, and do it in

a really low register. I always feel like Billy Joel when I'm doing

it too...

Well, last night Dereck and I didn't get to the game until the last

inning, so it was great! And they won, too. They had a pool party

last night after, so we dropped off sodas, and I admit, that pool

looked very very good. I'm trying to entice Dereck into going up to

Beach Ottumwa this weekend for some good waterpark fun (without the kids! Aren't I just evil?).

Oh! A Mormon family with seven children (the new Postmaster general)

has bid on the house across the street from us, so the fraternity

withdrew its bid! So, we are having a neighborhood celebration

instead of going to the planning and zoning meeting tonight.

I want to go see Spiderman 2 again tonight. But we should support Fahrenheit 911 coming here. So, maybe I'll buy a ticket and then sneak into Spiderman or King Arthur. I really don't need to see Fahrenheit again. It's not really a "fun" flick.

Okay, gonna take the doggy for a walk now. Out.

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