Thursday, July 1, 2004

Tired Thursday

Went to two softball games, and I felt bad that I missed key plays. But I was talking. I suppose that since I pause to pay attention to my children when they are up to bat, the least I can do is pay attention when Dereck is up to bat. Tonight I had Goldie Savannah with me and I was talking to Carol and Devon (who had Baby Henry, who was bound and determined to play in the parking lot) about dogs, mothering, what else is there really?

Then we went and picked up a crate for Goldie at Christine's and put newspaper and toys in it and let her bark as we left for dinner at Ryan's with the team.

That was very nice, but I was beat afterwards, so I came home. I let Goldie out, and she had either wet or drooled just a bit, so I threw out the newspaper, and took her out to the studio for dinner. Then a walk. Does she take care of bathroom needs? No. But she did have an awesome time. So many things to sniff! Having a puppy makes me revisit the world much as my children do, so she is a nice flashback to their toddlerhoods (but I can put her in a crate and leave her here when I go out).

She is lying here at my feet and I'm afraid to get up and move lest I wake her. She is going to sleep inside tonight so we can take her out as needed.

Tomorrow, I have some obligations here in Kirksville (and Dereck is taking Goldie to the vet) and we must do some shopping (I swear to G-d my feet are growing so I need new running shoes-- can barely walk in them!) to prepare for our camping trip. We need more toys for puppy, treats, an extended leash/line, ice, brats, buns, lunch meat, alcohol. Challah, candles, kiddush cup, wine.

Today I thought we better call ahead for campsites: all full at Mark Twain Lake, so I found one spot after three calls at Lake of the Ozarks, and it turns out Karl will be there too!!!! So, I printed out driving directions from his spot to ours and vice versa.

Hmmm... I should maybe take a look at the weather.

Well, now Sprite is here on the table growling at Goldie, and I am saying, "No bark!" and praising for not barking (she is so brilliant, learns very fast), but I am getting tired, so signing off. If I am not on again til Sunday, have a great Fourth Weekend.

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  1. Hope you and your family have a great holiday weekend!

    - Pie