Saturday, July 17, 2004

Funky Cool New Dashboard...

Wow, there are so many more posting options today!!!

I can do this. And I can do this. I think I do like the green. We'll see how it shows up.

Sorry, didn't know that was going to happen, and I got all distracted.

D is on the phone with his mum who just had knee replacement

surgery. My mother has had two, so I know how great she is going

to feel in a few weeks. She is in physical therapy right now, and

hearing about what she is doing is similar to hearing about Linda.

Woke up today and then ate challah and tapenade with coffee outside

with D and the puppy, then met CH at the gym. I have been working

out my arms, because there is going to be a wedding in September,

don'tcha know, and I want my arms to look a little better for my

dress. I am hoping to go dress-shopping on Tuesday...

We are staying at
the chesire lodge,

and have selected the Bordello fantasy suite, which comes with a bottle

of champagne, has its own jacuzzi, and a complimentary night at the

hotel within a year of the anniversary of your night there... it sounds


We are heading out soon for Mexican for dinner (mmmm... peach

margaritas) and then meeting CH and JR for drinks on the Dukum patio

after they go see
I Robot.

It was a very relaxing Saturday, made all the better because I

got all my deadlines met earlier this week, so I have nothing hanging

over me.

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