Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Being a B*tch

I just surprised myself.

I was just sitting and thinking about someone who walked past me, swishing her hips, and didn't say hello, and I was thinking negative things about her, and that led to thinking negative things about one of my friends who is doing something I don't think she should be doing, and that led to the negative things I've been thinking about a blogger, for chrissakes, and all of this kind of started when I was thinking about some of the petty politics that will be in place at this wedding I'm going to, which don't involve me, and about which I appear to be the only person thinking.

And I just thought, "My G-d! Get a grip!" (Notice that I did not call myself, "Woman!" I would never allow anyone to call me, "Woman," so don't think about it, or you shall have an asskicking.)

And I have noticed lately that on many blogs I like: prettypurpleprincess, kazoofus, houseofwinds, thishouseofbone, there has been a trend toward being positive and recording the best moments of the day.

So, in an effort to cleanse myself of all of this negativity, I have decided to post something positive.

Today somebody helped me finish a project (which I would still be working on and cursing quietly if it were not finished) for tomorrow.

I may have a new nephew at this very moment, and if I don't now, I will shortly.

I am healthy, and my back feels better.

My wonderful, marvelous, unbelievable friends are also healthy and doing well and I love love love them, and they help me every day to endure and succeed in ways that I couldn't without their buoyancy lifting me up.

My parents are still alive and I saw them a few weeks ago.

I still have one living Grandmother.

My children are safe, healthy, unbelievably beautiful, gorgeous, funny, loving, and MINE.

Chocolate and coffee are readily and legally available.

See, I feel better already.

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