Friday, February 4, 2005

Friday Bullets

  • I am at home resting today, after having completed my deadlines and obligations the past two days.

  • I cannot remember the last time a cold knocked me out this much.
  • You will all be happy to know that Christian's Orange is still alive and well, and has now joined his friend Colorful Paper Bag, and they are sitting on the kitchen table together reading Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Last week, our Dog Whisperer tried to convince us to adopt a new kitty: Smokie, male, neutered, de-clawed, belonging to someone with allergies. We declined after many discussions.
  • Last night, our baby sitter called and said there is just the friendliest little calico hanging around her house. I made Dereck call her back [he is the one who primarily is not ready for more pets, so he can deliver the news this time]. He told her to call us this morning if it was still hanging around. He reasoned that it might be someone's pet, as our own very friendly Boone Kitty was prone to hanging out with other people. I said, "And it it's not somebody else's pet, she would call us back why????" He shrugged cryptically.

  • No calls yet...

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