Friday, February 11, 2005

Z and J and Pie

Go here if you want to play.


1) I started reading Z when I was seriously thinking about converting to Judaism, and then fell off a bit when I wasn't-- I think I was embarrassed. But we have found each other again (well, I don't think she ever lost me), and all is bliss. Z also has a son with special abilities, and she has a lot more courage and zing on her blog than I do. You think I have wonder woman boots? This woman has spurs coming out of hers.

2) Song: The Theme song to the TV show Survivor

3) Tank Girl

4) Nails. As in tough as.


1) You had one blog. Then, just like Lewis Caroll's snark, it vanished one day: "In the midst of the word he was trying to say/ in the midst of his laughter and glee/ he softly and silently vanished away/for the snark was a boojum, you see." (And yes, I did that from memory, thank you very much). You write for your LIVING, so you are a hero of sorts. And, more importantly, you like Dr. Pepper.

2) Song: Ode to Joy

3) Bruce Willis. I can't help myself-- you used to shave your head.

4) perspicuous.


1) A blogger I have met! A blogger I have met! I traveled across the country to meet you (er, and to go to a seminar) and when I met you and Rob, I knew that if we lived in the same town, we could totally hang out. Totally. And what you wrote in a meme last week on your blog (or was it this week?) completely broke my heart (not that it was in any way directed at me) on your behalf. If I had a magic wand, you are one of the people I would grant three wishes to, though I think I already know what they are: 1) world domination 2) a new back and 3)... well, you know. I don't think I have to tell you. But I will via email if you're curious.

2) A song: You know, your husband is in a band. So, I know I have to be very careful here. Hmmm...geez, can I cheat and go read your archives before I answer this? I actually want to use the same song for you that I used for Heith, and since this is the song I am feeling the strongest, I'll go for it: I'll Stop the World and Melt With You. By Modern English. I am sure you can appreciate the double meanings in the band's title.

3) Celebrity? That red-haired chick from your old blog template, one of those kick-ass anime creatures you make. They may not be celebrities though... Next would probably have to be the actress who plays Dawn on The Office.

4) Minion.

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