Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Mindless Quiz to take my mind off the spots

You scored as Sensible Flats. You are Sensible Flats. Practical and comfort-oriented, you'd rather go through life without the pain of a pulled arch. Still, you might want to walk on the wild side a litte more.

Sensible Flats


Quirky Shoes




Classic Pumps


Sexy Heels


What Kind of Shoes Are You?
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Will Kathy think I am a heel for stealing this?

I am waiting for Dereck to bring me some eye drops. One of our meeting rooms is like a sauna and my eyes just freaked out. It's like I am looking through a moving kaleidoscope. It is starting to calm down now.

  • I don't have a headache.
  • Nothing hurts.
  • No numbness
  • I am typing, so I wouldn't say my vision is obstructed
  • I am not confused (not more so than usual, anyway).
But you better bet I looked up stroke symptoms right away-- after last year, I am so not messing around with this crap.

Note to self: The tap water in the kitchen at work does not do wonders at rehydrating contact lenses.

I just ate a piece of biscotti I'd bought at lunch time and dipped it in my re-heated coffee, and my vision is nearly clear, except for now my left eye is protesting about the contact lens.

I think I am fine. I'll let you know.

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