Wednesday, February 2, 2005

I got Tagged again!

Progressive Poem... It came here from Ken, who got it from Cindra. It started at Herman's (who is evidently one of Tine's friends). He begat it and then passed it along to Ieneke, who begat the second line. Tine begat the third line, with CarolC begating the 4th. She then passed it to Cindra, who begat line 5, giving it to Ken, who begat line 6. He nudged Vickie for some prose, and she penned the end of the second stanza and it was then passed my way. It is truly an international poem.

I have been tagged to do this poem by both Keri and Amy.

I'm drawned tonight

in the words of your eyes

they dragged me down...

with quiet sighs.

Tomorrow's promise

is yet to be defined

but we will be required

to make choices

Until that time

abandon your fears

Let silence climb

to button your tears...

Line 11 and 12 (since I got pegged twice) are mine, colored periwinkle for your pleasure... And I'm passing the baton to a few friends. Please take the poem to your blogs if you so choose, create a line 10 to your liking, and pass the poem on to bloggers of your pickings; one or more, it's up to you. They will then do as they like with it on their end and this poem which started with one line will have as many iterations as it could possibly have in the directions that it has gone.

Okay - I pass the baton on to the following bloggers if they choose to accept:

Stacey (when you are up and around)


Kathy Howe




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