Thursday, February 3, 2005

More Answahs

For Lucy, whom I miss when she goes off the radar for a day or two...

Q1. Why Mary Janes?

I love Mary Janes! They are just a cute, feminine, girlish kind of shoe, and I only have one pair, but I don't think I could ever have too many.

Q2. What is your first childhood memory favorite breakfast?

Funny you should ask. I actually own a fabulous cookbook called The Breakfast Book, but my favorite breakfast comes from Anne Lamott's book Operating Instructions. Mind you, I haven't had this in years. But here it is: You take some nice soft buns, kaiser rolls. You dip them in egg mixture (with a wee bit of Bailey's in it) and then roll them in ground up graham crackers mixed with cinnamon. Then you slab them with cream cheese and press blueberries into the cream cheese. Make a sandwich out of it. Then fry it up in butter, til the cream cheese has melted all over the blueberries, pour on real maple syrup and eat. There is nothing like it.

Q3. Do you remember your first poem? No, I don't think I do. I have been writing poetry since I was so young, and so many of them... I do remember one from sixth grade I wrote about thunderstorms. I don't remember it that I could write it out, but I remember the storm, and I remember writing it and feeling like I was a poet.

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