Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank God It is Friday

Today, a friend of mine and I were both having frustrating mornings for different reasons, and she had left her lunch at home, and did not have her car nor her house keys, so I swung down to get her and took her to our favorite coffeeshop for take out salads, brownies, and a bitch fest.

At the end, I was calmer, and had laughed a lot, and we got to the topic of blogging (I won't go into how), and she just started laughing again and said, "This is on the worldwide web, right?"

I nodded.

"So, you are basically inviting complete and total strangers to make nasty comments to you, right?"

I just nodded and laughed. I have been really fortunate to have escaped that so far. I think you are either a blogger or you aren't.

Actually, I just got off the phone with her, and she had sent me a longer email asking me about blogging. She has never seen a blog. So, I gave her some blogs to check out (not mine) : Kathy, Keri, Tom, and Bill and Stacey. She had the impression that blogs are just like paper journals all the time, with all of that personal information entailed. I said, "Well, that tends to be a real buzz kill." (I did not actually say that, but to summarize the entire conversation would take too long).

I have not yet eaten my lunch.

Last night, Dereck and I went out to dinner (at Il Spazio, where else?) and then hung out there and talked to people before heading over to see Sideways. I'm not gonna link to it again-- you know where to find it.

It was a little disappointing in the sense that I had heard how fabulous it was so much that I was like, "Well, it's a good movie. So?" And honestly-- WHAT is up with giving Thomas Haden Church the Oscar nod instead of Paul Giamatti? That is just stupid and highway robbery. It is so much easier to play cabernet than pinot noir, and that is all I will say about it in case my readers have not yet seen it.

So, the weekend is filling up already: Friday nights have turned into pizza, buffalo wings, dog trainer, Futurama, and Halo 2. Boy, do we have some things to work on with Goldie this week: 1) Come when you are called.
2) Stay, even when I am not playing with the tennis ball.
3) Do not eat that new, small, black kitty.

Tomorrow, taking the kids to a movie with a friend while Dereck goes and moves furniture for an hour. It's good to be the king. Then in the evening (can I say this? Do the peeps still have time to read my blog?) a birthday peep is coming over for dinner. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Sunday is, so far, wide open, just the way I like it.

Another hour has passed between the time I started this post and finished it. And I still haven't eaten my lunch.

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