Monday, February 21, 2005

A little help? You know you want to...

Well, as you know, I am taking the big leap into the .com-o-sphere of blogging.

I am now in the queue for my design (and this will be four weeks away, in all likelihood), and starting to think about it. And I am feeling a little blogger-brain dead today after my pitiful heroic installation efforts yesterday.

The first thing I want is a great tag line, and to sort of build my site around that.

I sent an email to my designer Christina (and my techie is Christine) yesterday, giving her the URL of some of my favorite designs from Moxie, and noting themes among them:
  1. color=good
  2. no whitespace
  3. graphic=good
  4. possibly the idea of a jenorama superhero?
  5. plug-ins=good
Now, maybe I should be keeping my design top secret.

I am not that clever, nor that close-lipped.

I am asking for help, please.

Let's start with the tag-line. Do you have any great taglines dancing around that you can part with?

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