Sunday, February 6, 2005

Sunday Morning

Well, after a week, I have to say that I am not completely well (after you have had pneumonia, if you have any twinges, you fear), but I think I am doing okay. Physically, anyway.

I stayed home Friday and slept. Karl came to town, but I did not go out Friday night, because in the land where Jen lives, if you are too sick to go to work, you are also too sick to go out. So, I stayed home with salad, popcorn, a huge puppy, and two bad movies. But I like bad movies, so it was fine.

Dereck had a good time going out. He had not such a good time yesterday. I did some house cleaning yesterday and as the day wore on, I got progressively more nervous and tense about the doctor appointment I have for Christian tomorrow morning, 90 miles away, involving two hours and a team of experts. Yee haw. I am feeling slightly less tense today after calling my parents last night.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked over to Bob's where Karl and Mary H. and Bob had lit the chimenea in the backyard, and were constructing a Burroughs-esque tome for Arnie and Alanna's annual Groundhog Day party. I got cold after about an hour, and went home (calling Dereck to come and pick me up, halfway home), and after I got home, we downloaded iTunes and started listening to music recommendations from Chris at Rude Cactus. I put myself on a budget, but cautiously downloaded some tunes... only to find that we geniuses don't have a CD burner on this computer... But I can email the songs, so all is not lost.

Last night, we went over to our babysitter's to check out the cat, who is actually a blue tortoiseshell, not a calico, and not really that friendly. We declined to take the cat with us, and then headed over to the party. I walked through the party once, and suddenly felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin. I just couldn't sit and make small talk, couldn't drink because I've been sick, and I just told Dereck, I'm going home. I came home, called my folks, listened to my new music (actually, that is when I downloaded the songs), and read a book, and felt better by the time Dereck walked in after midnight.

We have plans to go see Sideways this afternoon, though to tell you the truth, I am just enjoying staying home. Dereck saw it last weekend. The kids are coming home tonight at 8:00 and I will feel better, I think, once I have Christian here and can just touch him and hold him. Mark is driving Christian down tomorrow, and I will follow, and then I'll drive Christian back home. I just want it to be over with. I know that it is not really going to change anything-- I can't explain why I'm so tense. But I am. So there.

Our friend David, who is dying of stomach and liver cancer, was at the party last night, which threw me off not because of his altered appearance (which I had heard about), but because I've been sick and didn't want him to get sick because of me. But it was great that he came out.

There is always, it seems, something to remind me that my problems are really not that big.

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