Sunday, February 20, 2005

I Should Have Just Bought an iPod My Panic Attack Is Over


I went ahead and picked out the license I wanted from Movable Type (MT) I contacted blogomania about the package I wanted for web hosting, and the domain name I want (and now own, but which is not yet resolved, so it will keep, though duh, what could it be?).

And so this morning, I had the information about my hosting, and decided to follow the Installation Instructions for MT.

Now. I have a little bit of experience writing instructions. Helllllooooo. And I do believe that even the inexperienced person could probably figure out how to do this with a simple glossary. Like: what is a cgi directory? And how does one create one? Instead of just a direction such as: Create a cgi Directory for your blah blah blah.

Uh, no.

So, I uploaded for over an hour, every single thing involved with MT, and turns out, probably uploaded all of it to the wrong place--

I have no clue what I am doing.

I am eyeing TypePad now, but I just bought a domain name and hosting, so, dammit, I am going to use them!

I somehow (don't ask) managed to install Word Press somehow into something dealing with my webhost (you can ask-- I just don't think I have the vocabulary to explain it).

But I don't think I can use it until my domain name is "resolved" which, I assume, means that it acknowledges that somebody bought it and will let that somebody use it.

Word Press should let me blog.

I even tried, unsuccessfully just to publish this blog on my FTP server. I cut that shit out right away. Damn errors.

I was all cocky five hours ago, thinking, "This cannot be that hard. I have adjusted my template before! And if I figure this out, I may have a promising future in web design!"

But the simple truth is, I think that the amount of TIME involved with using MT might be too daunting. There might be a reason you can make big bucks in Web Developing, which has everything to do with your patience and willingness to sit and do what I do not have the willingness or the patience to sit and do for more than five hours on a Sunday.

Though I know I'll be back at it shortly. It is like having something caught in my teeth-- my tongue can't stop rubbing it.

I know I need to call Don, but I don't want the lecture about not using free software yet. Damn Damn Damn.

I went and picked up Party Boy at 1:30 (I had to shower first, because I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked like Laslo Hollyfeld-- quick, who is that?). He threw up last night, and his voice sounded shaky on the phone. I asked him on the way home, "What time did you go to bed last night?"

And he didn't know.

Last time he went to a slumber party, he came home in the afternoon and slept straight through til morning. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that happened again today.

If anyone wants to dazzle me with their brilliance about MT or domain names and webhosting and blogs, please HELP!


No, I haven't figured out how to install Movable Type. That is what emails to tech support are for. I got an email back almost immediately from Christine at blogomania telling me where to find tech support. They have paired up with Moxie Designs. And I figure, while I'm at this, I'm gonna go ahead and get my little blog hair done too.

I don't know when my new blog will be up and running, but it's in the works!

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