Friday, February 18, 2005

Whoa, Doggy, and Other Thoughts

When I saw this article this morning, I felt like I was in touch with the Tao. I haven't actually read all of it yet, because it is long, and because I had just written about the subject (and gotten fabulous responses from y'all). But I did feel smug.

Blogger has been incredibly slowwwwww the past few days, causing me once again to contemplate spreading my baby blogger wings and getting a blog I have to pay for.

All of ye out there with .com addresses, what are the advantages, what are the features, how do I do it, what will it cost me, and will my readers follow me if I become

Other thoughts rumbling around:

  • Should I get an iPod? Which one? How much longer can I hold out before getting one?
  • My cell phone is still hanging in here, but it is dying in slow, painful increments. What happens if I get an iPod, and then I have to replace my cell phone?
  • Three little boys will need braces. And then college.
  • I should never spend money on myself again.
  • Should I update my spring wardrobe? My red Mary Janes are years old and pretty scuffed... I could buy some polish...
  • Does that chick on the yoplait commercial eat only yogurt to fit into that bikini? Is that balanced? What about the vegetables? And why don't we get to see her in the bikini at the end? And why does she look so constipated every time she wistfully walks by with her yogurt to gaze at that damn bikini?
  • Didn't Jennifer Garner know that you don't let them hire attractive actresses who are more interesting to watch to upstage you on your own TV show? Will she hire attractive nannies when she has children?
  • [Note: I am on record here as adoring Jennifer Garner, but the chick who plays her sister is way cool.]

What is rumbling around in your grey space today?

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