Thursday, February 10, 2005

How I See You

1) I met you in a creative writing class. You had black fingernails. You like vampires too. You wrote fiction, and our professor was prone to taking you apart at the seams. (Nothing particular to you, except maybe your gender).

2) Modern English: I'll Stop the World and Melt With You. Don't know why-- it just does.

3) Topher Grace. Don't be offended by that-- he's adorable. You are tall and thin and have dark hair like he does. You don't like your face, and I have no idea what is up with that.

4) Poised. n. A state or condition of hovering or being suspended.

1) You have the distinct honor of being the person I liked best at work. And then you quit. And went to medical school! And I am so proud of you! And every day I think this about you: "Dammit, why doesn't Selina have a cell phone so I can call her and see if she wants to have lunch with me?"
But even more than the fact that you are REAL and that you got me started blogging, you are an amazing earth momma. The way you parent and talk about your chirrens is an inspiration to me.

2) What song? "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin. Not because you make me feel like one; because you are one.

3) Celebrity. Hmmm... Well, I am gonna have to go with Jodie Foster because she is one of the few actresses who is intelligent enough to match you.

4) Devoted.

KJ Curiosity

1) This might be the hardest one to do because I am all verschmeldt about your comments earlier, and about your calling me on Monday to find out about Christian. I told you that you are my best friend. I talk to you every day, or nearly so, and I tell you everything. And I feel free of judgment when I do so. I love you unconditionally, and feel your unconditional love. When I think of the word "friend," I think of you.

2) Tom Jones, "Burning Down the House," What else?

3) Eric Stolz

4) Monkey.

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