Monday, August 30, 2004

Are you keeping a food diary today?

Here is mine:


1 cookie

1 cup homemade mocha with whole milk

1 cup coffee with whole milk

2 m& m's


2 slices honey mesquite deli turkey (fat free)

2 slices square colby jack cheese

handful grapes

coffee with powdered creamer


Exercise:45 minutes elliptical trianer (550 calories)

20 minutes reps with first 12 lb then 10 lb weights.

Walked to and from the gym.

Walked to get a hair cut.

Walked to go to Java Co.

Met Christine:

One small cup hummus (it was about 4 oz of hummus)

carrot and celery slices

split a sourdough bagel with Christine

1 single cappucino


Walk to office.

Cinnamon gum.

On a Totally Unrelated Note

On Friday evening, we are all in the car, we have loaded the car with groceries, Christian's birthday presents. It is starting to rain. I have just gotten into the car from the grocery store. Dash and kids have been sitting in the car with the broken air conditioner (yes, it broke again) and Dash turns the key and... nothing happens.

Well, okay, it sputters a bit and the lights still work and the radio, but the car ain't goin' nowhere.

What to do? Call Liza. Line is busy. Call Christine. Ask her to come and get Dereck who will go home, get his car, then come back and get all of us.

It is raining harder. Christine is coming, but has to get Rowan into the carseat first.

Christine finds us. Kids and I are all hot and steamy and humid in the car. Tommy complains that the a/c is broken. I inform him that I already know that, and that the car is broken and I have more important things on my mind and I don't want to hear it.

Dereck comes back. In the rain, we transfer cars, transfer all groceries/presents to trunk, and then go home and unload everything.

Saturday, we have the car towed to the place we had an appointment at to have the a/c looked at.

Outside Java Co., and cell phone rings with Simpsons' theme song. It's Dereck.

You have a dead battery.


That is the good news.


The compressor on the air conditioner is broken.


It will cost $500 to repair.

I didn' t smoke, I promise.

We have to repair it. We live in Missouri. Think Finnish sauna every time you step outside the house in the summer. Fall is coming. Doesn't matter. We HAVE to repair it, and it's not going to hurt any less if I wait til Spring.

Oh well.

Now I might as well go shopping.

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