Monday, August 30, 2004

Random Observations...

I just walked past a dresser in my hallway (don't ask) and saw on its corner a pair of false eyelashes. No idea how they got there. And I just walked right past them, didn't pick them up or put them away.

Maybe that's how they got there...

I am sure a certain Division Head at a small midwestern university is starting to wonder why, when members of his division are in the hospital, he always ends up talking on the phone with me. Do I know how to pick friends or what?

Yes, I was in the bathtub, mud mask on my face, and the phone rang. Someone left a message. I asked Sam who it was. They didn't leave a name. Play it for me again. Couldn't hear it and he couldn't understand it. Get out, towel on, mud mask on, play the message.

Where is the phone?

Find phone. Call. What is up?

I'll meet you at the hospital.

The long and short is that treatment was administered, blood drawn, x-rays performed, meds given, everyone went home, but somebody is in for an awfully long night. Scary, but could have been much worse. Fortunately or not, ending up in the hospital is not an unknown event for these lovely people, and it won't be the last time, not by a long shot.

Now, I should be sorting laundry or reading or doing something else useful besides handcuffed to this keyboard, my Achilles Heel, my albatross.

What would y'all think if I just quit the blog cold turkey?

Well, don't worry, that's not likely. I love my readers too much to cut off this relationship.

Speaking of which, could y'all throw some help my way? I have a wedding to attend this weekend (the dress didn't look good, more dresses on the way, not here yet, stress!) and I don't yet have the gift.

What are the best wedding presents you have given or received?

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