Wednesday, August 25, 2004 says:have you read the Tao of Pooh?

Jen says:no says:go buy a copy today and read it says:remove the picture frame of religion and seek the heart of pooh

Jen says:no. I don't want the heart of pooh. I want God. says:read the fucking book says:ok

Jen says:growl says:gerrrrr right back at ya

Jen says:okay, I will read it. says:I know plenty of jewish Taoists says:I did my under graduate thesis on Martin Buber

Jen says:eastern spirituality has never seemed wholly satisfying to me. says:Taoism and jewish mysticism are cognate

Jen says:I have read Lao Tse says:much of Lao Tzu is coded - what seems to be poetic imagry is in fact complicated metaphor that it takes some time to decode says:you like the sucker = community says:but you want the center = the tootsie pop

Jen says:oh, so that is what dereck's father was quoting says:I'm not sure says:what did he say

Jen says: hang on

Jen says: Maybe it is the education or the age or both but you and Jen can discuss these issues openly and dispassionately, kind of like eating a Tootsie Pop and trying not to break the coating to get to the center but you know it is there and you will get it eventually.

Jen says: Karl, what do you believe? says:we share a metaphor - it's not in any book I know of but derives from the fun commercial

Jen says:Aahhh, really? That is fun. says:coincidence

Jen says:bizarre says:the universe is telling you to pay attention to what we are telling you

Jen says:No kidding! says:read the Tao of Pooh and pick up Martin Bubber - says:as well

Jen says:oh no, please don't make me read Burber says:fine

Jen says:I'm just kidding. says:but read The Tao of Pooh

Jen says:What is Burber's book again? says:today says:it'll take you 20 minutes

Jen says:today. Okay, maybe I'll just run out now and get it.

Jen says:cool. says:go

Jen says:well, give me a few minutes to sit and talk to you. says:ok

Jen says:Burber. says:buber says:martin

Jen says:buber. name of book. says:I and Thou

Jen says:yeah. My friend Barbara just started reading it and she said she doesn't think she is smart enough to read it.

Jen says:but I am pretty smart. says:plenty of books on buber says:the wanderer on the way is says:Buber is an existential; jewish mystic taoist

Jen says:cool says:go

Jen says:wait! What do you believe. says:I have to go now says:I'll talk to you after you read what I believe in The Tao of Pooh says:c u

Jen says:ok

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