Monday, August 2, 2004

To Jew or not to Jew...

I got this email today:


I was a convert to Othodoxy. No offense, but there is not really any such thing as a person who converts to "Non observant" Judaism such as reform.

This is the second time I have been told by an Orthodox Jew not to bother converting to Reform, because it doesn't really count.

But I can't really get angry or irritated by this. I know the history-- that is why I've been doing all of the reading I've been doing.

This was my reply:

Well, I'm not interested in debating it, really. I have heard that opinion before. But you probably know from my blog why I am not interested in converting to Orthodoxy. And although I am converting to Reform, I do plan to be observant, but probably not observant enough or in the right ways according to someone Orthodox.

And I certainly can understand the arguments that I cannot pick and choose from the Torah those mitzvot I find personally appealing-- but given my history and background, taking any steps closer to G-d, finding ways to that with my children, well, these steps, although inadequate, are important for me. And just as if I started a crash diet plan, I may lose weight, but gain it all back, if I am going to make a spiritual change, then I will have to do it in small, sustainable ways.

I appreciate your comments, but they will not change my mind. I am not going to move to Israel, and I don't live in a community with any Jews, let alone Orthodox, so I don't see that it really affects me.



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