Tuesday, August 24, 2004


You may have noticed (or may not have) that I have put up some links to some new blogs that I have been reading.

Kazoofus, Prettypurpleprincess, bontasia, and Aged and Confused.

I have found them one way or another. And I have to say that Aged and Confused is probably linked by more people who don't know each other than any other blog I've seen. I've found her many times, but I now sneak little peeks all the time, and I just have to give her props.

This blog is just one of the most colorful, loud, vibrant, living blogs, which means living pieces of writing I've ever experienced. Going there is like going to a party all the time (at least for me). I love it. I think this woman has some real talent-- she just explodes off the page.

Check it out.

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