Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dear Jen,

hanks for sharing w/ me your reflections on Jewisj lit. you have been reading.

A fence around the Torah must never be 2 tall lest it collapses on Toah. Indeed, one liberal way 2 understand it -- that's the beauty of Torah; 600,000 interpretations 4 ea. verse -- is do put a fence around Torah, don't let it encroach too much beyond its intended scope.

Kippah is not a Mitzvah -- relatively a late-@-coming custom. No blessing is recited upon donning it like w/ a talit.

Welcome in Israel -- the only problem 'd be in the rare encounters in one's life time w/ the Ort. establishment. Wedding -- that's resolveable by getting married in Cyprus (and if desirable a non-orth. ceremomy 4 religious reasons in Israel afterwards). The state 'd recognize it. Probably in the next few yrs. we may see civil marriages in Israel too.

Funerals -- there are alternative cemetaries in Israel to the Orth. (tho state-owned) cemetaries.

That's about that in terms of being welcome by the Orth. establishment. Otherwise REf. and Cons. conversions R acceptable by the state provided that the convert belonged to a Jewish community -- I guess a JCC membership 'd also "qualify" -- at least a yr. before the actual move to Israel in order to enjoy all kinds of benefits (import taxes, ulpan and more)..

Call Casey for a ticket.



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