Monday, August 2, 2004

I got this email today:


I was a convert to Othodoxy. No offense, but there is not really any such thing as a person who converts to "Non observant" Judaism such as reform.

This is the second time I have been told by an Orthodox Jew not to bother converting to Reform, because it doesn't really count.

But I can't really get angry or irritated by this. I know the history-- that is why I've been doing all of the reading I've been doing.

This was my reply:

Well, I'm not interested in debating it, really. I have heard that opinion before. But you probably know from my blog why I am not interested in converting to Orthodoxy. And although I am converting to Reform, I do plan to be observant, but probably not observant enough or in the right ways according to someone Orthodox.

And I certainly can understand the arguments that I cannot pick and choose from the Torah those mitzvot I find personally appealing-- but given my history and background, taking any steps closer to G-d, finding ways to that with my children, well, these steps, although inadequate, are important for me. And just as if I started a crash diet plan, I may lose weight, but gain it all back, if I am going to make a spiritual change, then I will have to do it in small, sustainable ways.

I appreciate your comments, but they will not change my mind. I am not going to move to Israel, and I don't live in a community with any Jews, let alone Orthodox, so I don't see that it really affects me.




  1. Just remember you don't have to apologize for anything! Reform Jews spend too much time apologizing for not being Orthodox and then trying to be "pseudo Orthodox" Jews to appease our critics.

    My belief is Reform Jews need to stop being apologists and to VALUE what we have! We think, we learn, we reason. It's a great way to be and there's no apology required.

    Be proud Jen...being a Reform Jew is fantastic. Key word there is "Jew".

  2. Thank you, Z.

    I was scared for a minute when I saw there was a comment-- thank you!