Sunday, August 29, 2004

I just got up. My kids are so wonderful and independent to let me

sleep in. Dereck sleeps like a stone on weekdays, but this weekend

got up early two days to walk the dog! He lets me sleep on the

weekends, wonderful man.

I am one big allergy today.

Had a nice talk with Barbara last night-- we are going to see Princess

Diaries 2 this afternoon. And of course I stayed up too late last

night. But I was reading. I started reading The Making of the Modern

Jew-- it is a lot easier going having read The Source. And last night

Christian was very needy, so Sam and Dereck played the X Box Dereck

has been practicing with (I don't fully understand either) and I lay

down with Christian and talked to him, explained to him that none of

the Jewish things I am doing mean that *he* is Jewish-- he will have

to decide what he wants to do when he is 18. And lying there in the

dark, he revealed to me his troubles with Shabbat: He gets too hungry

waiting there to eat. So, I suggested that we give him a snack so he

wouldn't have to wait. And he liked that idea.

I also disclosed to Barbara last night my intentions not only to

celebrate Christmas with Dereck's parents this year, but also to

continue celebrating with the children as long as they still believe

in Santa Claus. And she was in complete agreement. She said it was

different for kids-- they aren't missing anything, but mine would be.

And we talked about ways to make Chanukah bigger and brighter and

Christmas more subdued. I found a website last night that had a bunch

of Judaica on sale-- Chanukah lights, chocolate lollipops. rugrats

Chanukah videos, round chocolate coins, so of course, I bought them.

I need to reign myself in soon. But I did think to myself, "You know

you will want them, so you can pay half price now, or full price


She has good suggestions for how to do Rosh Hashana on the cheap, and

activities we can do with the kids (bake round Challah) and she makes

little gift things for the Hillel students with honey, an apple, a

round roll. So, I will help her do that. Last night was the first

time I felt a lack of Jewish community to celebrate with, and she said

the high holidays are some of those celebrated mostly in the synagogue

and not at home, so you really have to go down. And I am going.

I also had a long chat with Dan about the rabbi and the conversion

process, etc. He was at a loss, really, but it was still a nice chat.

I found Huw's blog, but haven't had time to read yet.

I need to go wake up!


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