Sunday, August 15, 2004

This Pretty Much Sums Up My Life...

I got this from Philip's blog this morning, and I felt that it was necessary to post it here.

A Zen Moment

Please grant me the anxiety to try to control the things I cannot control, the fear to avoid the things I can, and the neurosis to deny the difference.

Oh my. You can tell it's one of those days. I actually got it this afternoon. That is what happens when you wake up in the afternoon on Sundays-- it pretty much feels like morning until time for supper, and then suddenly your day is gone.

Last night we stayed up until 2:00 a.m., first watching Kill Bill 2, and then watching What A Girl Wants. Either Dereck really loves me, or he was somehow smitten with Amanda Bynes, because after threatening twice to go to bed, he came back both times and watched the entirety of What a Girl Wants with me. I will say, for the record, that I watched it only for Colin Firth. Isn't he lovely? And who doesn't love Rufus Wainwright, speaking of things divine.

This morning, I was cleaning my kitchen while listening to Garrison Keillor, who is also divine, and I cut my middle finger while cleaning out the drain. I sliced it on some kind of sharp FOOD in the drain-- I have no idea what it was, but it was white, looked like coconut, and came apart when I snapped it. But later, I was loading the dishwasher and wondering why pomegranate juice was somehow on the dishes, and then realized that it was my blood.

So, I got a bandaid and decided not to clean anymore. It's obviously hazardous to my health.

This morning, I ordered a book (Travels in Canoe Country) and a Garrison Keillor book on CD from Amazon. I love Garrison, and having just been in Minnesota, I feel that I need him to be more readily available to me.

I have recently discovered, to my surprise, that Philip reminds me of Garrison Keillor. I am sure that Philip is better-looking than Garrison Keillor, but his writing, his wit, his humor and grace all remind me of Garrison. I hope this does not offend Philip (because I mean it as the highest form of flattery), but considering the fact that Philip rarely posts on my blog, though I frequently post on his, I am not convinced that he will even see it, nestled in the middle of this post like this.

Yesterday, I woke up and walked the dog and then came home and woke up Dereck, and then I promptly went back to sleep until 1:30 p.m. (hence the need to stay up late watching bad movies last night). (Our young surrogate daughter Hayley, age 6, is here, despite the fact that my children are in Cleveland with their father, and has just asked me where the pads are for the Swiffer so she can help me clean. Daughters are a wonderful thing.)

After breakfasting upon coffee, lox and bagels, we showered and then went out to visit Don and Linda at the new digs. Their new house is awesome, fresh and new, and tons of space, but I can see where that plush carpet was a physical therapy oversight-- I would have trouble with it myself. (It appears that we are out of Swiffer pads (typical), so now she is playing with the refrigerator magnets). Don was putting together a swingset for Ellie's birthday, which is today. Royce came over to help, and we all ended up ordering Chinese for dinner, after an inspection of the freezer revealed only two or three hamburger buns.

I think we were there for like five hours!

Anyway, I'm going to go exercise, clean, watch Girl With the Pearl Earring (Say it with me, "Colin Firth is divine"), shower, clean the blood off my white shirt, work on my book, study Hebrew, sit on my porch with a cool drink, walk my dog, shower, or none of the above-- but something, nonetheless, that involves neither the computer, nor this blog.

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