Thursday, August 19, 2004

Weekend Planning

Here are our weekend plans: Friday after we go meet the teachers and

drop off school supplies (purchased yesterday-- they wanted new

backpacks too, to which I emphatically said NO), we will head down to

Columbia to a hotel with a pool. With Kaleb in tow. We will hang out

at the pool, the bookstore at the mall, etc.

Saturday a.m., we will go to Shabbat services (and I need to make sure

that is okay with Kaleb's parents). Then, we will head down to St.

Louis, where we will stay in another hotel (this is the equivalent of

our big family vacation this summer, the last hurrah). Saturday night

down on the river front, BB King is playing a free concert. There

will be food, picnicking, music and fireworks. We will hang out with

our St. Louis friends there.

Sunday: The real purpose of this whole enterprise. Six Flags, with

the children and also various St. Louis friends. The Water park. The

rides! The funnel cake and excitement!

Exhausted, we will return Sunday evening, collapse Monday (except for

me, who will work) and start school exultantly Tuesday morning with

that last hurrah singing in our memories.

I don't have enough vacation days to take Monday off, and I really

need to gear up for stuff going on in the next few weeks, so I'll

muddle through. But I know I'll be hurting.

How's that for weekend planning?

I had to get two hotel rooms for each night we will be gone because we have so many children. And with the hotel in St. Louis, they had a package deal: 2 adult ticket to Six Flags with a room, so we got four. Good thing we're going with two other adults. Karl was pretty happy about that.

We could just go down Saturday, but I know us. We are not likely to

make it to Shabbat if we have to get up early to do so. Who knows, we

might even get there early enough Friday night to go to evening

services. That would be very cool. I am feeling that it is time to go

again. Time to stand up and say, "I'm still here. I wasn't kidding."

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