Tuesday, August 24, 2004

First Day of School

I'm still here! My absence can be explained by something as simple, something so small and yet so large, as exhaustion.

We were gone all weekend, extremely active, falling into bed every night, only to be more active the next day. I will write about it as soon as my brain becomes unaddled. Yesterday was non-stop go and life has been weirdly interesting in many many ways, too private to blog about here, but I've just been kind of walking around with my mouth open in surprise and interest.

Last night after getting kids in bed early for the first day of school, I just let myself pass out next to Christian, until Dash came to rescue me shortly before midnight, where I passed out again in me own bed.

It isn't even 7:00 a.m. I haven't been up so early in any kind of permanent, can't go back to bed way for months. Sigh. By something I can only describe as a miracle, when I went to look for nice-ish clean clothes for the boys to wear this morning, I found some within about thirty seconds.

I will take them to school and walk them in, then go to work and have non-stop action til after lunch. Last night I wrote out many checks for lunches and snack milk, filled out forms (oops, except one), I've met all the teachers, I have a concern about a girl in Sam's class who used to bully him in third grade, and the school supplies are all in the desks.

I guess we're ready.

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