Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Grrrrrr.... Might as well be Monday!

I have been working all morning on the same damn mess of a project I started working on last week.

It is a real stinker. I think I may have a permanent scowl on my face after this, from sitting here frowning at the screen.

I am taking a very small breather as in ten minutes I am going to lunch and in the meantime, I want to calm down so I don't feel like I want to kill someone when I eat with my friend.

I have actually made more progress than I had formerly thought-- I may actually get a first pass at it finished today, rather than next MONTH as I had previously thought.

It would have been a great three-day weekend, except that I was so pissed off* yesterday, I could hardly see straight. I eventually just had to go take a nap, and that pretty much ended it. I have had two series of pretty disturbing dreams, and that was enough to knock the other situation right out of my mind. The dreams were actually pretty interesting though, and I have been thinking about them on and off all morning. I may have to call upon some assistance with these, later.

It's a sad state of affairs when you actually prefer disturbing dreams to some of your real life situations.


*fyi: It would be erroneous ever to suppose that I am ever angry with Dereck, because a) it doesn't happen and b) if it did, it certainly wouldn't be fodder for the blog.

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