Monday, January 3, 2005

Monday Evening

Well, you might think that I would be cleaning my house or unpacking, but that would simply show that you don't know me very well!!!

I will start cleaning on Sunday, knowing the boys will be back on Monday.

Poor Dereck.

Today, we ran errands: we sat in big couches and ate our lunches (I had spinach salad with salmon, just like a movie star!) and went through two weeks' worth of mail. Next, Hastings, and I did indeed find my book there, and we rented two videos: Open Water, and Shaun of the Dead. Seeing as we have two more days til Alias. (Does anybody else besides me wonder whether Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck started dating to 1) keep her in the news because Alias wasn't starting until January and she had Elektra to promote, and 2) to boost his tarnished image after Bennifer? Yeah, I thought so.)

Then, we headed up to Walmart, and got stuff, but not too much stuff, and then did some banking.

Are you bored yet?

Dereck dropped me off to get my hair cut, and I liked the girl so much that I asked how much it would cost for her to color my hair with foils and three different colors, and I liked the answer so much, I booked it for Saturday. She used a flat iron to flip my hair up, so I feel all cute and sassy.

And hungry. I forgot that when I was really thin I was hungry all the time. And I am not really think right now, but usually these days, when I am hungry, I eat. Hunh. I gotta think about that some more...

Tomorrow: back to work. I have some consulting work to do already, and some other odds and ends, enough to keep life interesting from now until Spring Break when we are once again off to New Orleans.

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