Thursday, January 6, 2005

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Today, we began the enormous undertaking of cleaning the house. And not just cleaning it, I mean, we have been going through the kids' room, book by book, toy by toy, and getting rid of what we can (and I have a really really hard time giving books away, so I haven't made too much progress there). I need more bookcases, or I need to just treat books like clothes: if it is something we never read, and probably never will and I'm keeping it just because it still has value, it's time to let it have value at the Public Library.


And I have followed a link on Keri's blog to, which is a very cool thing. You register your books with them, and write the registration number inside the cover, and then you leave the book for someone else to find. And hopefully they'll go register with Bookcrossing and let them know who has it. It's a booksharing. So, that might be a way to get rid of some of the vampire smut that I probably won't re-read, enjoyable as it was the first time.


premiered last night, at long last! I spoiled the plot for Sam a bit, I think, by anticipating things ahead of time, but he is pretty good at anticipating himself.

I don't know what to think. It could be promising, but some of the premises are just so unbelievable. Arvin Sloane has been chosen by the CIA to head a black ops unit, and all of the others are just supposed to go along with this so they can keep an eye on him? And they are supposed to be able to do this, while they are in the field relying on him for their lives, HOW? And the extent of the fuss is that Sydney has a pouty face and hisses a bit and then they whisper about it privately just like any office has its little moments of disgruntlement. This is the black ops of the CIA, and this is how they treat the problem?

Encouraging. Really.

Do I want too much from my crappy TV shows? Yes!

We stopped watching 24 because it got ridiculous. We stopped watching West Wing because it got lame after Sorkin stopped writing it. ER and Joey, with a little Will and Grace are about all we have left. Oh, and the fabulous Arrested Development.

Now. I went for years without watching television, mostly not by my own choosing, but I have to admit there are benefits (and probably would be if I'd cut down on internet usage as well). But I do enjoy watching TV with my sweetie. Our date nights when we eat in the TV room and watch something we enjoy together are among my favorites. Because as enjoyable as reading and internet are, they aren't exactly things I can participate in simultaneously with Dereck (especially at home-- instant messaging each other would be silly, and so far, we don't sit and read books to each other. Some couples do, and that is cool-- we don't).

So I would just like my television to stop sucking so much.


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