Saturday, January 8, 2005

Too Early or Too Late

It is 1:48 a.m. as I am beginning this post.

That is one of the best things about being an adult in a world where the kids are at dad's and tomorrow is Sunday and ain't nothin' on the schedule: if I want to sleep all day tomorrow and stay up all night tonight, I can.

Last night we had dinner with Don and Linda, (Don made a perfect Pad Thai, which was too spicy for Linda, but Dereck and I loved it-- just the right amount of sour from the limes) and had originally been planning to watch a movie. Ellie (age 3) planted herself on me and stripped me of all my jewelry ("My Precious!" she told me, pocketing my ring) and then bossed me around for the entire evening, until I put her to bed. Then, we started talking about geek stuff, because we are geeky, and Linda finally got tired of listening to computer talk and picked up her book, and we stayed til midnight looking at how Don has wired the house with remote control lights. It was great. I could have stayed for two more hours, and Dereck wisely sensed this and pulled me away at midnight.

Today, I went and let someone else color my hair for a change. Ahhhh. Three different colors of highlights, but it's very subtle. Then, we ran errands, and while buying a birthday present for our medical student friend Eithne, noticed the Kinsey was playing uptown, and looked at the clock: there was a matinee in ten minutes! Trotted down to the bank, got some cash, and went to the movies.

Didn't knock our socks off, but Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, and Peter Sarsgaard are always good.

And if you don't know Peter Sarsgaard yet, you need to see Shattered Glass and Garden State.

Then we went home, and I decided that bathing might be nice today, so crawled into the tub with another good vampire novel. When I got out, we were late for Eithne's surprise party: we were supposed to be at the skating rink by 7:30, and it WAS 7:30.

I got dressed in record time, and we got there by 7:45, and it turns out Eithne didn't get there til almost 8:30.

After we surprised her, I had to run to the grocery store for smokey treats, and the Friday tabloids (I know it is Saturday, but they were still there), because I had learned earlier from Lucy that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have formally separated.


I am a celebrity gossip whore, so of course, I had to read all the internet news about it when we got home. The magazines had reported that they were "back on" after their sexy new year's vacation, so we had a good laugh about that at Eithne's party.

I put on roller skates. I went around with Dereck holding my hand. I have no physical memory of skating from junior high. I told him I did not like it.

But instead of taking of my skates and returning to the tabloids, I actually re-taught myself to skate and ended up going around six times by myself, and twice not having to cling to the wall. So, I felt pretty happy by the end of it. We ended up drinking in the Leisure World lounge afterward, and it was a very pleasant party.

But because I had to read about Brad and Jen, that led to blogging.

I would like to stay home tomorrow, though. I have barely been home in two days.

And maybe I will even sleep.

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