Monday, January 3, 2005

Monday is Errand Day

I need to move the picture in the left corner so I don't have to space down so much to blog every time. It's not Christmas anymore, it's a whole new world!

The boys left early this morning, due to freezing rain Mark said, and so it was our turn to hear the echoes of laughing boys this morning. I have been feeling pretty lazy.

But now we are showered and ready to run errands in the freezing rain.

It sure looks nice on the trees though.

Good day to take a final vacation from work.

Here's the list:

  • eat lunch: Il Spazio, natch.
  • get the mail returned to us
  • jen needs a trim!!!
  • walmart for toiletries, spinach, and roaster chicken
  • hastings for videos and the latest sherrilyn kenyon novel (i know, i'm hopeless!)

And eventually... I have to clean and organize this house and exercise.


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