Sunday, January 2, 2005

Really Home

Well, now we really are home. And our kitchen faucet is still broken from when it stopped working the night before we left. Imagine. Dereck showed me the plumbing book he will be reading to fix it. I love that-- instead of just calling a plumber, he is going to fix it. What a stud!

I am hiding from the children right now. Oh no! The oven just buzzed and their pizza is ready! I finished my sandwich from Panera from lunch, but my body is just complaining like crazy right now-- no more freaking food! It was only two days in the car, but for some reason, that is enough. Not as young as I used to be!

I talked to Mark from the road, and he told me the kids don't start back to school until Tuesday (which I had not realized), so they will stay here tonight and then he will pick them up tomorrow morning and keep them for the week.

They were so good all week-- we need to figure out a way to bottle that for when they are home. We were letting them watch Futurama in the car, but with the understanding that they could not repeat some things they heard, and I spelled out specifically what I meant, but they did quote things, in Panera, so we cut them off from not only Futurama, but all videos for the last three hours of the trip. Ha.

Truthfully, I was just so sick of all of our movies and all of our CD's by then, I just didn't want to hear anything. The downfall of the DVD player is that we have to listen to everything and sometimes you just don't want to hear anything else.

We stopped in Richmond, Indiana last night and hit the hot tub, all of us, before bed. Then, a family checked in right above us so we heard running back and forth and jumping. We sat in the dark, all of us, staring at the ceiling, and Dereck called the front desk. A family had just checked in, so could we give them ten minutes? We could: after all, we have a Tommy. We were hot, so we turned on the A/C which rattled like a life-time smoker all night. I am not sure whether or how much Dereck slept.

I am so glad I had the foresight to take tomorrow off work too. Phew! We have unloaded the car and started unpacking, and now I can do it leisurely and properly. Tonight, we still have to

  • feed the children
  • collect the dog
  • let the children's father come and see them
  • perhaps let the man into the house (grrr)
  • go to the grocery store
  • put children to bed
  • put ourselves to bed
I finished Incubus Dreams, and I have linked, for your viewing pleasure, the book's title to all 404 negative reviews of it on Amazon. com.

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