Monday, January 31, 2005

Getting Ripped

This weekend, we were having dinner with some friends, so I really started paying attention and asking questions about how to copy my music CD's onto my computer (having quizzed Keri last week about iPods). I found out that you can copy all of your CD's onto your computer, and play at will. Even shuffle the music, perhaps!

This copying of the CD's onto the computer (if you know about this, tune out now: this is for dummies like me) is called "ripping"-- presumably because you are "ripping" music onto your computer (or "ripping it off" as in violating copyright).

Then, when you put music onto a blank CD (or put any other kind of data onto it), this is called "burning." (I told you, this is for dummies!).

So, now I want to know how I can put music clips onto my blog (am waiting for Chris at Rude Cactus to email me, or Don, whomever responds first).

Just because I want to know everything about blogging there is to know.

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