Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Snowed In... With Children...

I had insomnia last night, and I was freezing. So, I got up, put on socks, pajamas, and my winter coat and turned up the heat in the house and sat in front of the computer until I felt warmer.

I couldn't sleep because I had a headache from the smokey bar, and because I couldn't remember the name of the villian from Alias. And that is important, because tonight is the season premiere of Alias, for which they have made us wait for months. Arvin Sloane. The two-hour season premiere. I can't wait!!!

I got up with my alarm this morning, looked out, saw snow, stumbled to the computer, noted that EVERYTHING is cancelled, emailed work, stumbled back to bed.

To be awakened shortly thereafter by the phone.

I figured it must be important for somebody to call so early, so I actually got up and heard little voices on the phone. "Mommy?"

Mark came on the line: "Jen, do you have power?"


"We don't have power or heat, so can I bring the boys over to you?"

"Of course."

He lives about 20 miles up the road, out in the country, and has to drive across very hilly, rural roads to get them here. I was not pleased that he was taking my children out on those roads under these conditions, but they can't cook, have no heat (except the woodstove in the basement, dummy), and more importantly, no video games.

I am sure that he now is going to have a lovely little vacation with his girlfriend, but she also has three kids, so it won't be that lovely.

I went back to bed. Two hours later I woke up, after having got up several times for false alarms (also known as cats) and they were still not here, so I called Mark's cell.

It had taken him 45 minutes to de-ice his car, and he had let the kids play a bit after breakfast. He had thought of calling but had correctly surmised that I went back to sleep. He apologized (!) and about half hour later, they arrived safe and sound.


I wish we had gone ahead and picked up more milk and more gatorade yesterday-- but we thought we were fine, just the two of us.

But as I told Stacey this morning, this is why I live where I do: If I have to, I can walk.

So, anyway, our being snowed in may have less romance now, but suddenly it is also more fun.

And now I'm really glad I didn't go into work!

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