Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today's the Day!

We talked about it last night and told the kids about it during dinner. We planned what we will have for dinner tonight, and as for lunch, I have a pre-paid card I can use at the coffeeshop-- so I am actually not spending any new money today. Same with the kids' lunches: already paid for. And we will NOT watch the inaugural address, but we have plenty of videos we can watch/books to read/ etc.

The kids were actually a little freaked out by us not spending any money. But we pointed out, "We didn't spend any money today. How is tomorrow any different?" And also, people often go for a day without spending money one day a week, in observance of the Sabbath or Shabbat.

We also pointed out to the kids that they don't really have to worry since they will be spending the evening with a Bush supporter. "Who?" They asked.

"Your father. That is what the W sticker on his car is for."

I know that some people think that boycotts like this are completely ineffectual. And maybe it is. But I am okay with that. My boycott against Nestle is completely ineffectual too: I still do it. But, Michelle has a great idea since she is not going to participate in the boycott: She is going to donate the money to an organization that would piss off George Bush. I think that is brilliant.

Selina-- I haven't heard of any alternative activities. What do you have in mind?

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