Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Would it kill them?

I keep looking at the announcements and closings for tomorrow on our local news website.

And of course, the public schools in Kirksville have not closed for tomorrow.

And yes, it's true: every time the weather people predict a major storm like this, I go to bed excited, after having waited til midnight for it to start, and wake up to... nothing! Infuriating!!!

But. Do. You.Think. It would kill them. To cancel school. Just once. The night before. And make a kid happy?

I don't even know why I care-- if I don't want to go in tomorrow, then I'll just work from home.

But ya know, there is an air of respectability and legitimacy behind it if the weather actually cooperates and school is actually closed.

And it would be so much nicer to know before Karaoke than after, if ya know what I mean?

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